In this course, method of reading of Arabic text (Quran Sahrif) is taught; from the very beginning i.e. recognition of Arabic letters itself. The details and important features of this course is given below,

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Mode of teaching: One-to-One, i.e. One student at a time

Teaching platform: Google meet, Zoom etc.

Timings: 30 min daily, 3 to 6 days per week

Book: Norani Qaida by Moulana Abrarul Haque Sahab

Total duration: The duration is dependent on the capability, age and previous knowledge of the student. It can be minimum from 30 classes (15 Hours) to 50 classes (25 hours). It is also important to know that after learning the basic learning skill, at least one juz (para) of Quran under the supervision is must. reading one Juz may require at least 40 classes (20 Hours)

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